When you guys wanted to start or shifting career in the world of UI/UX need something to name a portfolio. This is because when we tried to apply to become one, the recruiter needs to know as far as the skills we have.

That is why in this blog I will try to summarize the type of portfolio you can make for you to give to your recruiter.

Screen Image

Screen image is one example of the portfolio. in this type, we as UI/UX designers just put 2 or more about how we design products. You can find the example for this type of portfolio by just type user interface in google.

The plus point of this image is not really complex. We just put what we had designed into one artboard by using Figma or adobe illustrator. And by using this the recruiter knows how our skill in the term of making a button, asset, or icon.

The platform mostly used for this kind of portfolio is

But because a portfolio using a screen image is not complex, it makes the recruiter just can value our design skills or user interface, not analytical skills or even the technical side of designing a product or UI/UX.

Full Product

Using a full product as a portfolio is one step ahead. Because we showcase our skill creating interaction from screen to screen. Sometimes this portfolio can be share as a prototype.

The full product or prototype will have a slight advantage over the Screen image. Because we as UI/UX designers showcase our skill in creating screen-based wireframing and user flow. Understanding user flow will also showcase our skill in understanding a user who will use our product later.

Many people using platforms like

The minus points in this kind of portfolio just we still do not give the reason behind why the product should exist. We do not give information to recruiters about why we design this product.

Like we know, in one product there 3 aspects which is business, visual, and technical. and using Full product as a portfolio we just showcase our skill in visual and technical products.

Study Case

7 simple steps to writing a case study – Travelpayouts Blog – Travel  affiliate network

The study case is one package complete in the term of answering all three aspects of a product. We give the reason why the product should exist, we also showcase how the user flows or journey about the product, and give the visual how the product looks like.

In this type of portfolio, we will give the reason to our recruiter to understanding the skill to become UI/UX designer. not just technical skill, but also understanding the reason and business prospect about the product itself.

You can use platforms like:

but the slight advantage of the study case is the length of the content we put into our portfolio. Sometimes people will be using another platform to post about the study case they are making and put the link to their portfolios

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After knowing what kind of portfolio you should make to become UI/UX designer. Maybe you will have to answer what kind of portfolio I should make. Just put a screen image to showcase your visual skill? or try to make a full product with interaction? maybe you more find it fun to creating study case because analytic is one of you main point to get hired in UI/UX designer field.

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