As we know, there is still a designer using photoshop for designing logos in Photoshop. and it’s should be stoped.

Like we know design is actually more than just designing a beautiful pretty graphic. If we understand the basic things about design we are will gonna equipped with the right tool for the professional design world.

First, let’s talk about the format of the program we use. Photoshop is a raster-based program, and Illustrator is a vector-based program. The difference between Raster and Vector is how the image construct. Raster graphics are made from pixels, and its a tiny little dots we see in photographs. If we zoom in we gonna see a pixelated stroke in the image. As for vector is made out of shapes and lines that can be scaled. A simple example of a vector graphics is a font we using when created text. IF you increase the font size to 1000 we still are able the HD quality of the font.

Why using Illustrator?

it’s come down to 3 things

  1. Scalability
    As already we discuss, using Illustrator or the vector-based programs will make us scale the shape into anything we want and still be clean, and sharp. Why it’s the matter? because some company will use their logo in so many different media, and it’s important to keep the clarity of the logo. That why using a vector-based program like illustrator will keep the shape to be scale to any size possible the company want. As for example the printer we use prefer vector file types because they always high res and signage companies will only accept vector files if they’re wanted to creating custom signage for the company or for we want.
  2. Versatility
    Using vector-based images like Illustrator will be making our life easier because it can be saved to any file format, such as JPGs, PNGs, or even into raster file types, as you can see the vector logo have an advantage in format saving because it’s more versatile. We can create all the types of format files from vector files, and you can’t do it the other way around.
  3. Professionalism
    If we creating a logo for ourself it ok to do it in any program you comfortable using it, right now we are talking about doing it for other people. Using the Raster image will be made the logo having a disadvantage in every aspect when we already give it to the company that paid us.

The problem here is that the client usually won’t know better the difference with vector/raster image, as a designer we need to minimize the error when we handling the final logo into the company, and that why the company hires us to do what their not know.


As a professional logo maker, it’s our responsibility to provide the client with the best practice, high quality, and complete product. We’re a graphic designer who getting hire for solving the client problem through graphics. So after we know the difference between the vector-based file I hope we not doing it again.