As humans, we have a common behavior when using a product, and that is why you need to use that behavior to make our product better.

As UI/UX Designer or Product Designer, We must make our product based on the user. Its will make them easy to operate our product and answer the expectation for our product function.

There is a fundamental law of product called Jakob Laws. This fundamental trying to the understanding of behavior user when using a similar product. So If we build a product like a website or application we need to research a competitor or a product which have a similar function to our product.

So to make our product better will need to maximize in this pattern or behavior our user which is about

Secure Exploring

A safe place is something when users feel safe when they are operating our product. When a user having a mistake, our product needs to have a function to erase or to fix the problem that occurs. Such as having CTRL + Z in ms.word, or a back button to back into the previous step.  Which this kind of function we make the user feel safe for exploring our product.

A product like a website and application is not like the real world. So as UI/UX designers or product design we need to make an easy interface to correct their mistakes.

Instant Satisfaction

As we know, when we create a product it is a solution for the user. If a user is hungry they can order from home, and you can track all the way from accepting the order, and get into your home. This kind of event provides an immediate effect and information about what the user wants.  Even the event still not reaching the goal yet but this kind of information will help the user feel satisfaction and accomplishment they doing their problem right.

This kind of behavior also makes the user feel safe when using the product as well. Because they know what step they in the event, and also give they an accomplishment when they doing their task


Sometimes we need to do something as fast as possible without doing a mistake. So for answering that problem we need to make users know where to go when they wanted to accomplish their goal.

UI/UX Designer or product designers need to simplify the step of action the user needs to take to accomplish their goal. Also making a different size or clear instruction to make sure what user need to take.

Also, put down everything when it’s not a necessary step for users to take or they can do it later.


Learning something new is something we as users wanted to avoid. So that is why a product designer or UI/UX designer needs to research our product competitor. It will make the user feel safe as well because they know how to operate our product.

Redesigning an existing pattern or flow will be more confusing. And the main point of our product is to answer a problem with ease not make them more confusing

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So that is how you make your product better by understanding the user more

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Book you can read about this :
Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design by Charles Brewer