As Product managers, we have the task to evolve our product to the next level. Someone tool we can use is Six Hats Thinking. These tools were popularized by Dr. Edward De Bono in 1986. He said we have Six ways of thinking to develop the product.

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Before this tools were used by customer Services to identify a problem and solve that problem. But right now this method is also useful in product development as well.

The difference in Six Hats Thinking.

As Dr. Edward de Bono said, we have six-way to understand the problem and come out with a solution in a creative way. and that six ways of thinking can be called Six hats Thinking

The White Hat

White Hat focus on what our products can do. We believe all the problem is connected. As Product managers, we need to think about how to connect them all.

Also, these hats think about what the problem in our product had and come out with how to fix that by thinking as an opportunity or a challenge. Using the white hat will make us as product manager will come out with a creative way to solve the problem.

The Red Hat

These hats make us think using our emotions. Looking at the problem as mental pain our user occurs, and come out with a solution to ease that pain in our product.

Many solutions which come out when we use this kind of hat are based on data we find, or by observation. After we know the pain we can come out by trying to make the user not feel the same way again.

The Black Hats

Using black hats is by thinking everyone has a good opinion and everyone has an open-minded. But this isn’t true in real life. Mostly we think everyone will accept every solution we give.

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It can be tempting to think like that but we need to know the question we as production assumptions is accurate by asking the data we got.

The Blue Hats

Blue Hats is a method of thinking by looking at the opportunity we had. This hat can be worn by everyone who comes out with a solution to the problem we face.

This kind of that is good to do when we do the scrum stage. By come out with so many ideas we can use. when we used this kind of hat, we think far ahead and see a problem with a big picture and what impact the solution will give.

The Green Hat

in one of the Six hats that is difficult to understand. Because by using this hat we will try to come out with a definite solution.

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Using the green hats will come out with a new way of solving the problem. Certainly will change the old way when we face the problem. Although bringing up a new way of solving is not always what we looking up. But using the green hat will be allowed.

The Yellow Hat

Based on the color, the Yellow hat is a way of thinking that will generate a creative idea. Therefore this hat is very important in Six Hats thinking. Because we as product managers need to prioritize which idea we tackle first. By using this hat we will know how to set up priorities.

We can say the yellow hat is a hat when we have already finished with other hats. and come out with ideas on how to prioritize our work to make it more efficient.

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The Six Hat thinking is something that often appears at the scrum stage of a product. Each color in Six hats thinking also has its strengths and weaknesses and depends on the direction that the product we want to go. As product manager is something we need to understand how to solve a problem and make sure it’s in line with the timeline we make.

A product manager is something we need to understand how to solve a problem and make sure it’s in line with the timeline we make.

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