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In this era, most of the people who become Product Managers are people with a technical background or people who understand how to code. But how can I become a Self-Taught Product Manager?

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On this occasion, I would like to tell you about how I became a product manager in my current job. It all started from a little business work and knowing how a design works as well. Understanding those two makes my transition to becoming a Product Manager a little easier.

Soft skills for Product Manager:

Some of the skills that I have to hone in becoming a product manager are:

Infrastructure Data

The main thing I have to learn is how data or the back-end works. Entering a new realm that is completely new, having to learn directly from a software engineer in my previous workplace, gave me insight into how a back-end developer works.

Thus, I’d ask directly to a back-end or front-end developer to gain knowledge. I am understanding of the works of front-end and back-end developers helped in training me on how product logic works.


The timeline is something I studied afterward. It is important because in the development of a product three departments must work hand in hand.

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All departments must work properly to be able to release a product according to the predetermined timeline. We must know the capacity of the participating teams. Knowing this will help in creating a timeline.


Being someone who works between the technical team and the business team is the job of the product manager where I work now. Therefore, in my current position, I must be able to become a leader for the technical team and be able to convey complaints from the technical team to stakeholders.

Analytical & Data Skills

Being able to understand the product from the outside or the inside and understanding the data will help a product manager to make decisions in the development of a product they manage

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The product manager is the person who will make decisions in the development of a product. Therefore, being able to make a decision is an important soft skill for product managers. Because limitations will always be met and as Product Manager, I have to try to decide on how to solve the problem.

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Deciding to choose what features to develop or improve will also be held by a Product Manager.

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Despite having a relatively small team, the product that I and my team have been working on so far is quite efficient and works well. Although there are some misses or errors during development, it is still at a reasonable stage. It is all because of the well-coordinated work between me and my team

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