Hey everyone, welcome back to Heysalsal! It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. Right now, I’m thoroughly enjoying my career journey as a product manager/product owner, and there’s a chance I might head toward becoming a Lead Product. There’s so much from this experience that I’m eager to share here.

Initially, numerous aspects were entirely new to me as a Product Manager But interestingly, I’ve picked up a couple of insights that I’m excited to discuss with you.

As you’ve noticed, this site has shifted its focus from excelling solely as a digital product designer to emphasizing the path toward becoming an exceptional product manager. This shift encapsulates what I’ve learned over these past few years.

What next in 2024

There might be frequent updates about my learnings as a product manager in my current role. For instance, delving into Objective Key Results (OKRs) or exploring the importance of being proficient, if not outright exceptional, in some programming languages—perhaps starting with SQL.

Why? Well, my current phase involves a lot of work with databases—analyzing analytics, understanding user behavior, and more. I’m currently navigating through these tasks using SQL to map out the data. Though I’m not entirely sure if it’s the best approach.

Get notif with new course or article realted to Product Designe

The reason I’ve been learning SQL is that it’s closely tied to OKRs or Objective Key Results. As digital product designers, understanding the outcomes of our designs is crucial. This becomes even more pivotal in Product Management, ensuring our products genuinely solve the problems they’re intended for.

Feel free to join me on this journey of exploration and learning! Got any thoughts or questions? Let’s delve into this together!”