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A product manager must have a revolutionary idea that will be applied to the products owned by the company where he/she works.

Responsibility of a Product Manager

What product manager do

Bridging the Gap from Product Team to other Departments.

As we know, in the development of a digital product, there are three main foundations; business, research, and technical. A Product Manager must be able to incorporate and communicate these three things.

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In addition, the product manager will also interact with stakeholders of the company to present the features of the product.

Leader of the Product Team

Product managers will usually arrange a certain timeline for the development of a product that they want to launch. Therefore, usually, the Product Manager will be a scrum master or the person who will be accountable to create the features of the product.

A product manager must also know the fundamentals of how to make a product. Apart from being a leader, product managers must also understand the problems that will be faced by UI/UX Designers or Product Developers.

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Why Product Manager?


Not only those who have UI/UX background can be product managers. But also it is open to others who have different backgrounds for example those who come from Business, Management, Administrative Sciences, or others.

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Seeing that a product manager can come from many backgrounds, we can conclude that anyone can be a product manager. The only difference is how much experience we have in managing a product, even if it comes from a UI/UX Designer, or a Product Developer.

Product Manager Career Path.


For someone who wants to become a Product Manager, it will be determined based on the experience they have. But don’t lose hope since the Product Manager has several levels such as

Junior Product Manager.

This is the entry level where everyone can enter and try to become a Junior Product Manager. The Job description will be taking responsibility for one or several sub-divisions of the product and working on one/many features of ongoing products.

Product Manager

Is a person who already has experience for 1-3 years. The person on this level will be responsible to manage one feature of a product as a whole.

Senior Product Manager

A leader from a Product Manager who usually has 3-5 years of experience. The Senior Product Manager is responsible for executing the features of a product.

In addition to the three levels above, if you want to scale up in your work, you can become a product owner or become a Head of Product.

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Career Development in the product field not only focuses on UI/UX but also some departments working in one Product Team in a company. So, if you want to develop a career in that field, a Product Manager can be an option in your career development.

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