Indonesia Version: Product Management: Apa saja yang dikerjakan.

As we know, Due to the need for technological development, many companies are opening jobs in Product Management departments, such as Product Managers, Ui/UX designers, UX Research, or anything else. So in this blog, I tried to write an article based on my experience to give you the first step into the product management field.

In Product Management, we function on the development of products that we owned. From ideation until development or event into Retiring. That is why we can pinpoint several reasons and find out what is product management.

Three main elements in Product Management.

From my knowledge when developing a product. there are three main elements when developing a product. The business side to gain revenue, Technology for developing the problem, and Researchers will gather the user needs. These three main elements need to work simultaneously to create a better environment.

If you wanted to know the job title from every element you see this image.

But being a product manager, I know I need to be a bridge between these three departments and at least understand what they want.

For better understanding let’s break down these three elements.


in this department, they will usually do all things related to revenue, legal, process, or others. The team will often do external aspects for the product.

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also in this department, they will help to generate ideas from a business point of view for developing, maintaining, or fixing the product. They will do it by using a method called Sprint which will method for solving problems quickly by having an internal discussion.


Maybe I can say, I am one of the people who work in the technology department. My team will try to put all the ideas or a way to solve the problem.

It starts with a business needing something and someone from technology will come up with a design. If the design gets approved it will move into the developing phase which will start from staging and end with Production.


Research team will try to find the flow from our own product. It can be done by looking into products or even looking at competitors.

All data that has been collected will be processed to gain insight into product needs. and the insight will be handed into the business department for further processing.

These three departments need to work together in every phase of Product Lifecycle Management.

Product Lifecycle Management

This is a timeline or phase in which I and my team will work on developing features in my own product. which is start from

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The ideation phase is where a product’s requirements are defined based on factors including competitor analysis, gaps in the market, or customer needs.

From defining the problem and sketching how to solve the problem. Sometimes it can be a prototype by the technology team to get a real live view by the user.


The detailed design of the product will be created, along with any necessary tool designs.

The development phase is finalizing designs from the previous phase and developing them into coding. This phase sometime will get the most working hours because it needs feedback from internal or external teams.


After getting acceptance by the business team or even stakeholders, all the developing phases will move into the production phase which will get used by the user.

Also, this phase can be said to move all the final work from the development phase into the market.


This is where all research collects the data their needed from the products. This can be handed over to the Product when there are new bug finds and into the business department when it needs further processing.


Retirement when the product can be developed anymore. It can get hold of or even get deleted from the product we have.

Every product management in every company can be different from each other. But if we remember these three elements when we realize it is not just technology-dominant fields. So if you want to stand out more you should choose where your selling point at and try in the department you want.

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