As we all know right now, product design is consists of two things which are User Experience and User Interface. but if we looking more widely in UX there is something called Customer Experience.

the difference is, a Customer experience is interaction about a product with your business. A User Experience is about a user interact with your product.

What the Difference?

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Interaction to UI/UX

If we put in analogy in Heinz Ketchup bottle like old days. The UX is the packaging, UI is the brand, and CX is the ketchup itself.

After we thinking about that analogy, we can say, a user interface is something that belongs to User Experience, and User Experience belongs to Customer Experience.

The Difference of CX and UX by Digidov

A Good User Experience will try to cover everything the user needs. Such as Finding information quickly, completed desire without any error, or even searching what they want with ease. But in customer experience, it gives the product a professional look.

So, a Customer Experience gives the user a professional aspect about the company that runs the product. Sometimes it can be not the product itself.

Should i learn it

User Experience vs. Customer Experience same, same but different
What Customer Experience do by anteelo

For someone who wanted to be a product owner or product manager. It’s sure a skill which you need in your pockets. Because it’s like how the product got a better view from the user before they’re using the product.

So the skill you need is. You understanding the Process of business in your product from start to goal. Like the Sales process and how the product gets delivered to the user. After that, you need to monitor the customer service and the advertising of your product.

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A Customer Experience is something you learn after your journey starts in the field of Digital products. But Don’t worry, you will learn it after you start to work in some company. Like myself, who shifting from Graphic Designer into UI/UX Designer. I learned it after 1 year of working as UI/UX Designer.

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