even we live in the internet era, having read a book is something you can gain knowledge for. A there a many books you can read to be UI/UX Designer. Even it needs practical skill, but theoretical skill is the one that will stand out the most from you and the rest for UI/UX designers.

So right now, I am trying to introducing you to a few books. This book will help you to become a UI/UX designer or for someone who has already become one.

Put in mind, this book is more likely to enhance your critical thinking. How you look at the problem, or how you approach them.

Game Storming by Sunni Brown

This book contains different methodologies on how to facilitate various workshops for different product phases. For someone who wants to become an innovator, this book will suit your taste.

This book will help someone who wants to change their career into UI/UX Designer. Because this book will help you feel familiar with design process initiatives to kick product explorations.

In this book you can learn about:

  • present you with a large selection of methods for brainstorming
  • teach you how to create engaging meeting sessions
  • give you techniques that are easy to understand
  • give you methods that are easy to apply

and will help you to understand:

  • break down barriers
  • communicate better
  • generate new ideas, insights and strategie

Think Again by Adam Grant

The concept of this book is to challenge your current knowledge. Have you come with a really great user flow or User Experience?

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Rethinking, which thinks for the second time or the thirds time about the information and re-evaluating them based on new evidence. is make us for having a space to change our minds.

for someone who wanted to become UI/UX Designer or already become one. We need to allow ourselves to rethink our opinions about what should we do with the product we design.

In this book you can learn about:

  • Encourage to rethinking the information you got.
  • Persuade the others by understanding the point of psychologies point
  • and Keep you in check if the world change so much and so fast.

We can be confident in our ability to achieve a goal in the future while maintaining the humility to question whether we have the right tools in the present.

The Innovator’s Solution by Clayton Christensen and Michael Raynor

this third book will give you many product case studies that will broaden the non-business individuals. For someone who non-creative or non-design person will get a new perspective and hone design skills to improve the products you make.

Also, this book contains 8 principles of innovations that will make you understand the product phase.

his book will teach you about:

  • Identifying customers that make for a good foundation for the product or business
  • Deciding which processes to keep in-house and which to outsource
  • Determining appropriate product architecture.

Failure is common when creating a product, only a small percentage succeed. To understand what works and what doesn’t, and this book gives the theory of innovation. Innovation which promises is predictable and controllable.

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So that all three books I recommended, and if I find a new one and finish reading it, I will make a new thread about what book you need to read to become a great designer.

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