What is Minimum Viable Product

Right now we will talk about Minimal Viable Products. Minimal Viable Product or MVP is a development technique in designing a new product. Is something for us to think about how we introduce to the market. With the features, we have and hope to create attention for the consumers.

Understanding the concept of MVP is a popular concept of creating products or features before we launch to the market. with basic features to find out how the consumer responds to our products.

“The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.” by Eric Ries

This technique falls into the product life cycle which prototyping phase. Where you already found a solution for the problem the user has. MVP technique will also make your product much better when its release.

Minimum Viable Product for Product Designer

  1. Get the feedback from the user
  2. Validate your idea to solve the problem
  3. Help to improve your products

An MVP test will surely help you to gain more insight from the consumer and get the data you need to improve your product. When we have the feedback from the consumers now we can start to change the final product to what the consumers need. As we know, what we design for ourselves needs, but the user needs. That why using the MVP test is a helpful way for the company or us to make changes to the final products.

I know the minimum viable product is not something for us a product or UI/UX Designer to know. is more for the company itself. But as product designers or UI/UX Designer, we need to understand the limit before our MVP gets tested. For example, we can look at how some big company tests their product.

Linkedin’s MVP
Facebook’s MVP
 Twitter’s MVP

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So if you want to create a product for yourself or for the company you need to understand there is an easy way to gather the data to validate your idea and design to the market.

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