Many people said everyone can become, an artist, a graphic designer, or even something like UI/UX designer. There are many articles or even blogs that talk about it. But rarely someone will talk about how skill-based is the job is.

I am not saying is not for anyone, because I know everyone has their way to solving a problem through visuals, but will it become an answer about the problems? maybe yes, or maybe not.

If we talk about Graphic or visual designer, is a job to solve problems with the visual, like poster, logo, or user interface. and to have a great result for answering the problem of course you need to learn many things and understand much software to use.

As long as that, what we do is always for the masses. So we need to make something that will be translated with ease to someone when they see or use it. Besides that, we also need to make it aesthetically which is time-consuming to master.

What you need to learn

If you really wanted to switch jobs into visually related jobs, there couple not you need to learn.


This is just my point of view, and learning about fundamentals can be done along the way when you try to use the software. You don’t need to master it, but at least you understand the root fundamentals such as semiotics, visual guide, or guideline.


There are many arguments about software nowadays, but for me, if you can do anything in some particular way to create a visual designer go for it. As long the result is something I and the other understand so you already solving the problems.


Being someone who has a job as a visual designer, there will be never-ending learning. Understanding the masses or looking into a new style of design. So you will keep hustling to learn everything related to visuals.

What you need to do to become one

But if you still doubt about is many calling in graphic related jobs, maybe you can try something like this


10 Myths About Working in Graphic Design: What's it Really Like?

Having a mentor in this particular field will also help you to understand the fundamentals of the jobs easily. But not all jobs will need you to have a mentor. Mentoring for me I something needed when you wanted to become UI/UX designer.

Join Community

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There are many groups on Facebook or telegram which focus on how to become a graphic designer. With them, you can learn together and maybe you can also get a mentor which will lead you to become one.

Certificate or Bootcamp

This is almost like getting a major in some particular field. but with the fastest way. Having a certificate will help you learn about fundamentals and also the skill needed to put your step into graphics-related jobs.


Graphic Designer job description | Totaljobs

Creating a portfolio is a must because we are skill-based in your jobs, there will be something to look at when the recruiter wanted to hire us. If you are confused about how to create one, try it with your own social media, and seeing it from there will also help you understand how to approach some problem through visual

Get notif with new course or article realted to Product Designe

Becoming a graphic designer or having graphics-related jobs is not an easy task. I am not saying it is not for everybody. But to have one you need a set of skills because it really a skill-based job. So if you don’t have one or you do not practice it you will never have one.

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