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Next, on a journey in the world of UI/UX, we will discuss how to become a UI Designer. Being a UI Designer, of course, you still need to know about User experience. Because in the world of digital products, we must always remember that what we do is for other people, not for ourselves.

When we talk about the UI Designer, we will always have to follow some set of rules by the operating system we are using. Especially if we design an application for which Google or Apple have their own rule for it.

In addition, like at the beginning of our discussion regarding the roadmap to becoming UI/UX, we also discussed fundamental theory. Design psychology is used for UX Designer, so Design theory is a fundamental thing that must be possessed by people who want to become UI designers.

Skills for the UI Designer


A UI Designer must understand design theory. One of the Design theory is Layouting which is often used in the early stages of making a product. Wireframing is also the basic structure of the designs we work on. Either it is in the form of Lo-fi, or Hi-fi. We discussed lo-fi and hi-fi wireframing previously.

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There are many things that can be used to do wireframing, either digitally or manually, which needs to be reminded that when working on wireframing there is a concept from the design we are working on. Some of the tools that can be used can be seen in the article here.


Prototyping is an example that is almost similar to the state of the product that will be designed later. Its purpose is to present an overview of how a user will operate the product. Even though it is not in the form of an application that can be used, prototyping is very helpful in explaining the concept of the display that we have designed before.

In making prototype, we will follow the user’s journey. Therefore, prototyping is the next stage after we make hi-fi wireframing. To do this job, there are many tools available on the internet, and some tools for wireframing have also provided additional features to be able to do prototyping.

Aesthetic Design

What is mandatory for a UI Designer is to be able to create beautiful designs. This is very obvious when we want to become a UI Designer. If the UX Designer makes paths easier, then the UI Designer’s job is to make the paths beautiful. Some of the readings that can help in this regard are

  • Design an application by referencing a similar application from Jakob      
  • How to design with aesthetic elements for user needs      
  • Put the design elements on the artboard that we have from Fitts 

UI or UX

After discussing what must be understood to become a UI/UX, questions may arise, so do you want to focus on UI or UX? If you are still at the entry-level, I suggest going both ways. Because this will help to get a real job. And after becoming a UI/UX Designer at an agency, start-up, or IT Solution, you will get more knowledge about which one you want to focus on and able to choose between the two things.

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