Hick’s law is the next rule after we learning about Fitts’s Law, it’s time we solve that by understanding the subsequent law which regulates how users make decisions in UI/UX that we design.

Hick’s Law is a principle that studies user convenience in making a decision. This is influenced by the number of options presented by designers to users. This law calculates the time needed by the user in making these decisions.

For those designers, the designer must design an element to make it easier for users to use the website. We can use this law by considering three main points from Hick’s Law.

Three Main Points for Hick’s Law

  • Displaying a few options to the user will win the user’s time to make a decision.
  • Avoid excessive use of highlighting or recommending suggested options.
  • Using the grouping method in delivering information

Use of Hick’s Law

The use of the rules will be very visible when we design a landing page. This will make it easier for users to get the information they need and will also make CTA easier. The use of this law can also help users to not directly exit the website that we have if the website we are aiming for has too much information.

Just showing the main information will make the user stay longer on the website we have. This also makes the experience or journey that makes the user will longer access the website that we have.

Hick’s Law before Fitts’s Law

We can think of these two laws to make the user do the right CTA. After users get the information they need from the application of the Hicks Law, Fitts Law will make it easier for users to continue their journey on our website.

The conclusion of hick’s law is to reduce stress on the user by grouping the information that we want to convey, with it will make the user can access information easily without being afraid to make mistakes in decision-makers.


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