As we know, creating a startup is always about solving a problem in society. Therefore, startups will launch a digital product for potential users to use.

But did you know that there are three things that must be considered before launching a digital product?

In a digital product, there are three important aspects when creating startup: Technical, Research, and Business, which form the golden triangle for the development of the product or company. These three aspects are essential and cannot be separated as long as the product is still being developed.

Let’s take a closer look at the three main pillars of a digital product:

Research in Digital Product

research when building a startup

One of the three critical parts of a digital product developed by a startup is research. Research is essential because, without it, we would not know why the product is needed.

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Research is the initial stage of developing a digital product and is vital in the development that will happen after the product is launched. Therefore, this point will work alongside the other two points.

Business in Digital Products

business aspect when starting a startup

The second aspect of a digital product is the business side. Why business? Because we know that a company must generate revenue to survive. Therefore, the business aspect cannot be separated from the world of startups. Without revenue, the business will not survive, and if the business does not survive, the product will not last long.

Besides bringing in revenue, the business aspect also takes care of other needs, such as external requirements of the product. For example, government policies regarding the way a product works or the needs of other parties during the product’s development.

Technical in Digital Product

technology in startup stage

The third aspect of a digital product is the technical aspect. Technical is responsible for creating or developing a digital product, including setting up the UI/UX and developing the product. Without this aspect, the product will never launch to the market and will only remain an idea to solve a problem.

People who work in the technical aspect are responsible for the internal needs of a startup.

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These three aspects are essential parts of a digital product startup that cannot be separated from each other. All three aspects must work together for the smooth development of a product.

Therefore, an open-minded and empathetic attitude is not only for users but also for other employees who work in the field of developing a digital product.

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