Original Post: Belajar UI/UX Designer: Siap menjadi UI/UX Designer, Translator by: Windri Amalia 

As we all know that becoming a UI/UX Designer requires an easy journey to get started, but it takes a lot of time to understand everything in the world of UI/UX. Therefore, in this article, I want to try to explain what steps a person who wants to become a UI/UX designer will go through.

Fundamental, Fundamental, Fundamental.

UI/UX Designer acts as a bridge between technology and design. Therefore, we have to know that to become a UI/UX designer you must understand some fundamentals.

The first fundamentals are:

1. Design Theory             

Understanding design theory is the first fundamental that people who want to become a UI/UX designer. The fundamentals that must be understood are color, writing, and shape. Although basically we already have a sense of these three things, understanding them further will help you in the world of UI/UX.

2. Design Psychology             

Being a UI/UX Designer will certainly force us to design something based on other people’s wishes. Understanding Design Psychology will simplify the design process to be carried out. An example of Design Psychology is understanding human behavior, human digital behavior, and economic behavior

Understanding Design Psychology is a major fundamental that must be understood by someone who wants to be a UI/UX Designer. But you don’t have to force yourself too much. Getting to know Design Psychology on a deeper level will be continued later when you want to level up in the world of UI/UX Designer.

For a surface-level regarding Design Psychology, you just need to read about

  • Law Of UX: rules that will help you understand Design Psychology.      
  • Human Decision-making: Understanding the user’s needs regarding how he or she chooses something that will help you in making or assigning an element to the design you make.      

Product Design

After knowing the fundamental theory of design, it’s time for us to know how we apply this fundamental theory to the product we want to make.

Understanding the fundamentals of how a product is formed will help you solve a problem. Therefore, we will try to focus on how to solve problems with design methods. Examples:

1. Design Sprint             

Is a very unique brainstorming method. Design Sprint is a method of finding the answer to a problem quickly. Usually only takes less than five days.

The main points of the Design Sprint are

  • Understand: Understanding the problem to find a solution
  • Idea: Coming up with several solutions to answer the problem      
  • Decide: Choosing from a wide variety of solutions to answer the problem      
  • Prototype: implementation of the solution to the problem      
  • Test: Finding out whether the solution is correct or not.      

2. Design Thinking

It is a process in which the users understand and provide solutions to what the user wants

The point of design thinking is

  • Emphasize: Creating an innovation based on the needs of our users      
  • Define: Prioritizing the needs of various users’ needs      
  • Ideate: Providing solutions that will answer the needs of the user      
  • Prototype: implementation of the solutions to the problem      
  • Test: Finding out whether the solution is correct or not      

After understanding the fundamentals theoretically and how to make a digital product. You are ready to become a UI / UX Designer. This is a science that must be understood and studied in order to be able to answer and do the work that you will do when you become a UI / UX Designer.

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