The Parkinsons law tries to explain to us the views of users in the operation of the product. Trying to understand or calculate the amount of time that must be done by the user when carrying out the operation of the product that we have designed. It starts with the information they get and the actions they take. The faster they understand the better the design we have worked on. In doing so we must create an element that is easily understood by the user. Like doing the grouping that we discussed in Miller’s Law. Or to put out which elements are discussed in the Law of Fitts, or Miller to get action from the user.

In this law, we go deeper into how to do User Experience. Try to think that the user does not have much time to do the operation. So designers must think about how they can do their job quickly and correctly.

Parkinsons Law
heysalsal – Parkinsons Law

The main points of Law

  • Doing the work little by little will make the user more productive.
  • Put the design elements in the usual place the user can directly reach them.

The Effectiveness of The Law

The use of this law prevails very strangely but we unconsciously use it too. Because as designers we think not to make users leave the page that we design. Therefore we try to understand the desires of the user in the design that we make.

Parkinsons Law
heysalsal – Parkinsons Law

We will always think about how a user spends time or perform operations on the designs we make. For example on marketplace sites when we buy goods until the goods are paid for in various ways. Then a designer will try to abbreviate it to make it look more effectively used by the user.


in Parkinsons Law we try to understand the product operating time that we design will make the user will survive and use it effectively. It will also make the user focus on what they have to do. By thinking of brief and clear workflow will make it easier for users to use it.