Fitts law is a law that calculates the time taken when using elements on the design page. This is done by taking into account the large size of the elements are in the board design. By using Fitts law we can try to think of the efficiency of an asset in the design that we make. From the type of size, the distance between assets, and also other things. Thinking about it will make it easier for users to operate the user interface that we have designed

In Fitts law there are three things to think about

  • The asset button which will be used by the user must look large and easy for the user to see.
  • The distance between the buttons must have sufficient distance between one another.
  • Button or assets must be placed in a place that allows users to see it clearly.

Usability of Fitts law on User Interface design

The size and the distance between assets from the user’s position will affect the experience (user experience) in operating the page. Some of the main implications for the design of User Interface and User Experience can be considered using Fitts law

Interactive Element

In designing interactive elements which will be used by the user must be distinguished from unused elements. This can be done by differentiating the size or color. This will make it easier for users to distinguish from one another.

Distance Between Elements

The closer the assets or elements that are in the design with others will accelerate the user’s movement in operation. It also can limit the user to not get out of what is intended by the designer. This example can be seen from using options or filling out forms which have their own flow and are centered on the modules that have been designed

Simple Rules of Fitts Law

Fitts law tries to cut time from point to point. This makes the asset larger which can be captured by the user quickly. In addition to simplifying the law of Fitts, it can also bind or make it difficult for users to do things like exit / delete which is often designed very small.


The larger the size of the object will shorten the action and the closer between the objects to be selected the faster the action or CTA carried out by the user. And the farther and smaller objects that are used it will slow the user to go to or do the action carried out. Therefore, some designers must aim to create assets which the user wants to show or use clearly and visibly and create assets that the user does not want to use with a small size and far from the screen.

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