Design Thinking is a method of thinking that focuses on solving problems based on needs. Why is it based on need? Because by knowing what we need, we can analyze what is going on, then find solutions so that those needs can be met.

In the thinking process there are several stages that will be carried out, these stages are

What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular? | Interaction Design  Foundation

1. Understanding

The understanding process in the design thinking process is finding out what is needed and the goals to be achieved. At this stage, the designer must make a lot of observations about what is happening in the environment around us. These activities are carried out to collect as much information as possible. Which is used for analysis and grouped based on the problems or constraints that are being experienced?

2. Idealization

Ideation is the process of collecting ideas or solutions that can be the answer to the problems collected. This is the next stage as discussed in understanding. The answers that have been collected will then be filtered and focused until they find answers that have the potential to solve the problem. After that the designer will be able to start to test the answer.

3.Try and Error

The last step that will be done is to try and validate the answers found from the stages we have done. This is usually done to provide answers to several questions.

  • Is this answer easy for others to understand
  • How many levels of difficulty will be faced when implementing the answer
  • Will any party be harmed when this answer is applied.

The use of design thinking is very useful for several aspects. from making a product. If we examine the learning first, in the manufacture of J.J Garrett products we can see that the design thinking process is carried out at an initial level.

The essence of Design Thinking according to Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, authors of the book Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life, Designers must try something new, change it to suit their needs, and continue to experiment with it.

So, therefore, use Design Thinking in dealing with all the problems that are going through or in the process of making a design or in the life that is being carried out.

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