After one year I become a Product Manager I do not learn many things new, my task is more about handling my bos and translating it into briefs for my co-worker to do even though I can hone my soft skill for doing this kind of work.

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Communicate Better

communicate better to become product manager

First I need to learn to communicate better, as we know there are many departments in product development. So you need to can communicate with all the departments with ease. Choosing the right word or lingo for them to understand is the way.

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As I mentioned in my previous blog when I started to learn about UI/UX Designer. My mentoring mostly a developer makes my job to communicate with the developer team easier. At least I know the tip of the iceberg for trying to translate what we need to create.


learn how to write a proper documantion to become product manager

Learning how to make proper documentation is also one of them. It can be backlog or even update log for the product as well creating a PRD. Writing a proper PRD that is readable by everyone who wants to use it also makes their jobs easier.

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How to start or learn? just reading or copying a structure from someone who already made one. Look at what you think is needed and use it for making one.

Understanding the timeline

understanding timeline to become product manager

Sometimes we as a designer try to make our design as proper as possible. but because we face which times we need to know what stage of the features we need to create. By using it’s for answer the problem of time we can start with just creating MVP or it can be used for the users as long its works.

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Why sometimes I did do that? because first, we talk about the time, and second we talk about how many employee work on the project. Also, I am working in the early stage of the startup and the features can also be improved later.

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If I said I love being Product Manager more than UI/UX? I think I can answer yes, my design skill is not my forte. But understanding how to communicate better and also by understanding timelines, carves a path for my new career in product development.

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